Arncliffe Scots Sports & Social Club Ltd is subject to the provisions of the Privacy Act 1988 which regulates the collection, storage, quality, use and disclosure of personal information and the Amendments to the Act in 2000 known as the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000. The Club is committed to privacy and the protection of member, visitor and staff information.

Arncliffe Scots Sports & Social Club (herein referred to as ‘the club’) is required to collect personal information for membership application or renewal forms approved under the Registered Clubs Act. Failure to provide all requested information to the club may result in rejection of application for membership. Personal information is also collected regarding club employees and employee applicants (such as employment application forms).
The club may also request additional information such as mobile telephone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses and other details in order for members and their guests to enter promotions/competitions, or receive marketing updates and/or special offers. Individuals may also choose to disclose details through the clubs website in order to subscribe to email newsletters. Disclosure of this information to the club is optional and we will only use this information for the purpose for which it was provided. Individuals who sign up to receive email newsletters will be given the option to remove their details from the data base and not receive further correspondence via this advertising medium.
We will not use your personal information for any other purpose, nor will we disclose it, unless we have your consent or in other circumstances where such use or disclosure is permitted under the Privacy Act, or compelled by Law.
From time to time, we may wish to carry out a voluntary survey for feedback. Participants will be advised of the purpose of the survey which is usually conducted to gain information in order for the club to improve services and facilities etc. Participation in surveys is optional.
Any personal information provided by you to the Club, including information collected as a result of a membership card being placed in a gaming machine or other club machine that is linked to the Club’s member loyalty program (not ATMs) that may provide a benefit or service to you, will be protected.Your personal information, including information about you obtained as a result of you placing your membership card in an electronic card reading device (electronic gaming machine or other club machine – not ATMs), may be used by the Club for marketing purposes to improve our services and to provide you with the latest information about these services and any new related services and promotions.
Occasionally personal information of members will be passed on to a third party such as a mailing house for the distribution of annual reports and marketing material. This information will be destroyed by the third party and will not be used for any other purpose.
Documents containing personal information such as membership forms are archived for a period of seven (7) years for auditing purposes and any information contained in these documents is kept confidential by the club.
Under the Privacy Act, individuals have the right to access and alter records containing their personal information. Change of addresses can be done by completing a “Change of Address” form, or by letter addressed to the Board of Directors of Arncliffe Scots Sport & Social Club.