Arncliffe Scots Baseball Club


The story of baseball in Arncliffe is older than any of our living members, and as a result the myths and mysteries are plentiful. Whilst we can only wonder what the inspiration to start up a baseball team in 1913 was, the onset of hostilities heralded by the Great War (and the associated American influence) is seen as being the most likely catalyst.

In recent years our juniors have been very successful, with Scots regaining the momentum our juniors had in days long gone. More importantly however, the current talent base augurs well for bigger and better things for Scots over the next decade.


Patron  Phil Griffiths
 President  Laurie Barnes
 Vice President David Turner
 Secretary James Irving secretary@scotsbaseball.org.au
Assistant Secretary Chris Davis
 Treasurer Phil Gruppelaar baseball@harleyfinance.com.au
Publicity Officer Tracie Driver & Mel Wilson
Gear Steward Andy Weal
 Uniform Steward Jo Weal
 Junior Co-ordinator Marie McGraw & Maya Glasheen
Senior Co-ordinator Dave Olshen
Junior Registrar Dennis Cordato
Senior Registrar Shane Edwards
Recorder Mel Wilson
Junior Delegate 1 Victoria Lica Reynolds
Junior Delegate 2 Phil Gruppelaar
Senior Delegate 1  Mag Girgis
Senior Delegate 2  Ken Rook


Arncliffe Scots Baseball Club

Contact: Laurie Barnes

P: 0414 644 719


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