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Policy for use of mobile phones and cameras within club premises

When considering the dynamic advancements regarding modern technology, Scots Club has implemented the following the following policy regarding the use of mobile phones and cameras (and any other device producing verbatim images) on club premises. This policy is formed to protect our club members, visitors, Scots team’s privacy and also considers the clubs security provisions;
Scots Club prohibits the use of devices that create images or verbatim images of any type in all toilets and gaming areas within Scots Club premises. Failure to comply will result in the device being confiscated (for example: mobile phone or camera) for the duration of the offender’s visit to Scots Club.
Members, visitors and the team at Scots are encouraged to alert staff if any person is suspected of captivating verbatim in any of these areas.
Policy for unattended children on club property
As a community club that provides amenities and services for diverse demographics, Scots Club encourages visitation from people of all ages. However, the safety and wellbeing of children is an utmost priority to the Scot’s Team and we will make every effort to protect children.
Children or young persons are at risk of significant harm if left unattended in a vehicle within the vicinity of Scots Club premises (such as parking area adjacent to the club) whilst visiting club premises. Scots Club considers such behavior by patrons as deplorable conduct and in such instance, police will be notified immediately. Leaving children unattended in a vehicle is a serous crime in the incidence that a child may be at risk of becoming ill or emotionally distressed.
A person who leaves a child unattended in these circumstances risks a fine of up to $22,000 (s. 231 Children and Young Persons Care and Protection) Act, 1998.
Responsible Service of Alcohol
Although Scots Club provides alcoholic beverages, we consider the safety, security and pleasure of our patrons a priority and do not tolerate signs of intoxication on our premises. In regard to this element of our business we have implemented the following strategies regarding the Responsible Service of Alcohol:
  • House policy providing the framework for Responsible Service of Alcohol
  • Training of Staff so that the house policy is upheld and promoted
  • Education of patrons via in-house advertising to ensure patrons understand the implications and abide by the Responsible Service of Alcohol
  • Prevention of underage drinking
  • Promotion of safe transport options
Gaming – bet with your head … not over it.
Assistance is available to members of Scots Club that suspect they may have a gambling problem. A counseling, assessment and referral session is available free of charge. This service is confidential and can be arranged by contacting G-Line on 1800 633 635.
Scots Club also provides player activity statements upon request. Please ask the Duty Manager for assistance with this matter.

Self exclusion is also available to members who feel they may have a gambling problem. Please speak to staff for further details.

Dress Regulations

The following dress is NOT acceptable on Scots premises for men or women:

  • Hats or caps
  • Torn rugged clothing
  • Suggestive or distasteful clothing
  • Thongs or dirty clothing
  • Short shorts or football shorts
  • Sarongs or greasy, painted clothing

Any disputes will be settled by management, whose decision is final.

  * More G-Line information